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Reflexology can be traced back to Egypt in 2,500 BC. It is based on the principle that organs and systems of the body are mapped on our feet within 10 longitudinal zones. Through points known as reflexes, the feet ‘reflect’ imbalances within the body which stem from deeper sources, causing us to feel ‘dis-ease’ in the mind, body and spirit. With trained, intuitive hands, reflexes can be stimulated with a balance of relaxing movements and careful, specific pressure to the corresponding points. This activates the energy pathway between the reflex and related body part, improving the efficiency and inter-relationship of the body systems.

Holistic Massage

Massage can be traced back to China in 3,000 BC. The term Holistic means to treat the whole person, not only the physical symptoms. Its meaning, “whole,’ was derived from the Greek word ‘Holos.’ Holistic massage uses a range of movements that soothe and relax muscles of the whole body. It treats a wide range of muscular/skeletal related conditions. On a deeper level it encourages better circulation, lymph drainage and removal of cellular waste. It can help with digestive complaints, fatigue, insomnia, low immunity and many more conditions. Massage promotes relaxation, encouraging self-healing at all levels


Aromatherapy is at least 6000 years old. Its use can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome. It uses essential oils which are extracted from plants to obtain the life force for use in holistic practice. Aromatherapy massage is lighter than holistic or Swedish massage. Its main purpose is to stimulate the body to absorb the essential oils, thus producing the desired therapeutic effect. It also helps the lymphatic system to drain and encourages better elimination and flow within the body on all levels. The treatments are tailored to how one feels and safety factors have to be carefully considered before essential oils are chosen.

Holistic Therapies

A healing touch is one of our most instinctive and primitive needs and some of us have become distanced from it. This can contribute to why we may lose a healthy balance within ourselves and our lives.

I practice Reflexology, Holistic Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy and Hopi Ear Candling. I also help women with fertility problems, pregnancy and postnatal care, using Maternity Reflexology.' I can now offer Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Holistic Facials at the Richmond store.

Combinations of therapies are most popular with my clients. It is quite typical to give a reflexology treatment combined with the use of specially blended aromatherapy oils. With existing conditions, it is wise to have a course of treatments to regain a state of well-being and balance.

Maternity Reflexology

A new life starts from the initial thought & intention, making this a very special time. Regular Maternity Reflexology can help support this process. This ranges from fertility problems, pregnancy to post-pregnancy. Each phase has associated symptoms whether it be morning sickness, fluid retention, postnatal depression, hormonal imbalance, muscle aches, insomnia or general tension. Other lifestyle factors contribute to & may influence the process of creating a new life. Reflexology encourages deeper relaxation for both mother and child and implements more defined techniques relating to the developing pregnancy & associated symptoms.

I do not treat in the first 3 months of pregnancy as this trimester poses the most risk.

Hopi Ear Candling

This therapy originated from Native Hopi Indian tribes in South western USA. The candles used at Neal’s Yard Remedies are made from pure beeswax and raw cotton. The treatment involves lying on your side and the candle being lit and gently placed into the ear canal.

The candle is held at a vertical angle while it burns down to the safety line. There is a filter inside the candle preventing any candle wax entering your ear. As you relax, the natural ingredients are drawn down into your ear, creating a warm gentle convection, chimney effect. This effect combined with the warmth creates a change in pressure allowing earwax to soften, blood flow within the ear to increase and has antibacterial action. The same process is repeated on the other ear. After this you can enjoy having a face massage designed to work on meridian points that connect to sinus points, lymphatic drainage and headaches. The result of the ear candles will be discussed after the treatment along with any advice to help you get the best from this therapy.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Holistic Facials

This is a facial that uses Neal’s Yard Remedies products in a specialised routine on your face. A short consultation is taken to find out about your skin type, daily skin routine and your medical history. It is very important to know about health issues as this may affect the products that can be used and the facial may need to be tailored more carefully to your needs, being a holistic treatment.

This relaxing treatment lasts up to one hour. There are two different types of massage involved in the facial working on both nourishing the skin from deep down, aiding lymphatic flow and boosting circulation. Your face will receive cleansing, toning, exfoliation, face mask, moisturiser and other products that enhance your well being and skin type.

I can provide a list of the products used during your treatment and offer guidance about how to continue your skin routine at home, along with any holistic/lifestyle advice. A Chinese Facial map is used to give further insight on a holistic level. I will introduce you to the range of tinctures, specially blended teas and flower essences available in store that are thought to work on deeper causes of skin problems. On the day, you will be entitled to a 15% discount on products in the shop.

Please avoid wearing heavy make up when arriving for your treatment as this will need to be removed at the start.


If you have any conditions including high/low blood pressure, epilepsy, skin conditions, cancer, heart, lung or kidney problems or are pregnant, it is important to let me know from the start.

During our initial consultation, it will be your responsibility to tell me your medical conditions. If you do have a diagnosed condition, it would be advisable to check with either your GP or consultant to make sure treatment is suitable before booking an appointment.


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