Massage can be traced back to China on 3,000 BC. The term Holistic means to treat the whole person, not only the physical symptoms. Its meaning ‘whole’ was derived from the Greek word ‘Holos’.

Holistic Massage uses a range of movements that soothe and relax muscles of the whole body. It treats a wide range of muscular/skeletal realted conditions. On a deeper level it encourages better circulation, lymphatic drainage and removal of cellular waste. It can help with digestive complaints, fatigue, insomnia, low immunity and many more conditions. Massage promotes relaxation, encouraging self-healing at all levels.

Deep tissue massage uses more targeted techniques working on the deeper layers of the muscles and built up scar tissue. It involves deeper pressure which may be felt more intensely but aims to soften the connective tissue and the deeper source of discomfort. It is used commonly with holistic massage techniques but the strokes are often slower and more specific to the affected areas.