This therapy originated from Native Hopi Indian tribes in South Western USA. The candles I use are made from pure beeswax and raw cotton. The treatment involves lying on your side and the candle being lit and gently placed into the ear canal.

The candle is held at a vertical angle while it burns downto the safety line. There is a filter inside the candle preventing any candle wax entering your ear. As you relax, the natural ingredients are drawn down into your ear, creating a warm gentle convection, chimney effect. This effect is combined with the warmth created and change in pressure allowing earwax to soften, blood flow within the ear to increase and has antibacterial action. The same process is repeated on the other ear.

After this you can enjoy having a face massage or reflexology designed to work on the meridian points that connects to sinus points, lymphatic drainage and headaches.

The result of ear candles will be discussed after the treatment along with any advice to help you get the best from this therapy.